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Lieutenant Andy Gay


Lieutenant Andy Gay joined the training staff in September 2009.  He began his professional fire service in 1986 as a Firefighter with Panama City Fire Department.  He moved to Central Florida in 1990 and continued his career with the Altamonte Springs Fire Department, coming to Seminole County with the October 2002 merger.  His background includes extensive training in all areas of special operations, hazardous materials, and truck company operations.  Andy also worked as a Paramedic in the private ambulance service for five years and taught for eleven years in the Seminole State College Paramedic Program.  He was awarded Paramedic of the Year for Seminole County in 1994, was a member of the 1995 TERC Southeast Regional Championship extrication team, and served in the 1996 Summer Olympic Games as a paramedic and rescue technician.  He holds an Associate Science degree in Fire Science from Gulf Coast Community College.  He has a second Associate of Science degree in Emergency Medical Services from Seminole State College.  He is a Florida State Certified Paramedic, Smoke Diver, and Fire Instructor.