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To serve the fire service and community by being committed to
develop and deliver effective training and assessment, with an
emphasis on the safety and health of the participants.


To be Recognized as One of the Premier Fire and EMS Training
Facilities in the State of Florida

Core Values

                 Safety                                      Credible             
                 Inspire                                       Integrity
                 Lead                                   Instruct
                 Prepare                                   Discipline
                 Encourage                                   Teamwork




In 2003, the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners approved the $2 million purchase of an abandoned manufacturing warehouse that was located on a 20-acre parcel of land on SR-419, just south of Highway 17-92 in Winter Springs.  

In spring of 2005, a $1.2 million renovation project began that transformed the vacant warehouse into a fully functional Fire Training center and Logistical warehouse that supports the daily operations of the Seminole County EMS/Fire/Rescue Division.


The logistical warehouse was fully operational in the spring of 2006, supporting all of the department's logistical needs.  Furthermore, in the fall of 2007, the Fire Training Section was up and running while delivering Fire, EMS, and Special Operations training to the Seminole County EMS/Fire/Rescue Division, as well as the seven cities participating in the First Response agreement.  

The five and a half story training tower was erected in the fall of 2009, and a pressurized rail car was acquired in the spring of 2010.  

The Seminole County Fire/EMS Training Center consists of six training officers and one staff assistant who deliver NFA and State level (FCDICE) approved courses on a continued basis to the tri county and state region; moreover, the training center facilitates the training of USAR “Task Force 4” team members and houses many of their resources that would be deployed in the event of state-wide emergencies.